A Custom Comedy Show Makes Everything Better!  

All of our customized comedy shows contain hilarious improvisation centered on your group. If you’ve seen the hit television show “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” you’ve got a starting reference point, although seeing it done live and actually participating is much more exciting and fun! Our Comedy Maestros take facts and suggestions gleaned from the client and interweave them to produce an extremely interactive and fun comedy show which consists of fast-paced, spontaneous improv games, scenes, and songs.

We also are professional comedy writers, so we can research your company or group and write custom sketches to add into the show. The process is very simple – we send out a questionnaire which a few secretly appointed people fill out and return. Then we turn that information into hilarious sketches. That’s it. Well, we may call you to ask some follow-up questions (such as name pronunciation, or details to make the comedy even funnier!).

Three of our Comedy Maestros.

Even if you don’t see it here, we can create
you can imagine – from Murder
Mysteries to elaborate Practical Jokes and Comedy Roasts.

We have various sizes and formats of shows.

  • Available in two, three, four, or five Maestro sizes
  • With or without sketches
  • With or without accompanist
  • Ten minutes to an hour and a half in length

Tell us what you’re interested in for your event, and we’ll create a fantastic show for you!


"You guys are great! Keep up the good work!"

-Charles Beck, Beck Intsitute for the Arts

"We really enjoyed your show! I was bombarded with compliments and one of the funniest comments that I heard was 'they must have spent a week at our offices to find out all that information.' Thanks so much for an Improv well done and in great taste!"

- Tami Ison, Comcast Cable

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