Why Chicago Improv Associates?
Enthusiastic, Experienced Improvisers!
Chicago Improv Associates is comprised improvisers with at least a decade of professional improv experience and in many cases two decades or more.
Top Improv Talent        
Our improvisers have performed, directed, and taught at the major and best improv theaters and schools all across the country.
  • Second City
  • Improv Olympic
  • Players Workshop of the Second City
  • TheatreSports
  • ComedySportz
  • Humana Festival
  • ImprovBoston
While being connected with and sharing our talents with these major theaters, we have preserved our independence by creating, performing, and producing our own unaffiliated shows.
It's What We Love...

We've improvised for a long time because we love it. And why not? We're creating, performing, and making people very happy. That's why we approach every show with enthusiasm and joy.

Improv comedy is not a means to an end for us. It is where we want to be and what we want to do. And because we have a great time on stage, the audience has a great time, too!

Audience Control        
  Our experience has made us experts at reading and handling individual audience members and audiences in general. At CIA, we've done comedy long enough that it seems effortless to the audience. A less experienced actor often is not totally comfortable on stage, so the audience can get uncomfortable and edgy.
  We bring more people up and stage than other comedy troupes, because we know that it's gold - for the audience AND us!
Self Control - Keep it Clean...  
At CIA, we don't believe comedy has to be blue to be funny. Quite the opposite. We know we can have a crowd in stitches without one foul word or overtly sexual content. We certainly can go there if the client and audience wish us to, but we never have to resort to blue humor to get a laugh. Younger improvisers often do not have the self control to avoid swearing and lewd situations on stage when it's inappropriate.
Top Musical Talent        

Take the excitement and amazement the audience feels watching great live improv comedy and then triple it for songs created in the moment. Improvisational songs are always the most popular and fun segments of an improv comedy show, because the energy is just electric.

Musical improv is CIA's specialty - we hire improvisational comedians who are also musicians, so our level of musical improv is head and shoulders above all other improv groups. Instantaneous melody, lyrics, harmony and even choreography absolutely 'wow' the audience!

Our improvisers are the top musical improv talent in the country. They include:

  • Creator, Director and performers of the critically acclaimed MUSICAL! the musical - the country's first improvised two-act modern Broadway styled musical.
  • Director of Nashville run of MUSICAL! the musical.
  • Director and performer in the internationally popular usical improv group Baby Wants Candy
  • First and only musical improv instructor at the Chicago Improv Festival.
  • Songwriter recorded by major artists and labels.

So if you want fun and fabulous comedy and corporate entertainment, the best corporate events amd special events with no worries, call Chicago Improv Associates today, and we'll create the perfect show for you!



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