Why Improv Comedy?

What is Improv?
Improv Comedy is comedy made up on the spot. The audience shouts out suggestions and the comedians instantaneously turn them into hilarious scenes, games, or songs. Since the audience is making the suggestions, the shows are different, topical, and deal with what the audience wants to see.
An antidote to the too bland, too offensive problem!

One of the problems in dealing with entertainment for a group of people is that you definitely don’t want to offend anyone, but you want it to be exciting and funny at the same time. We understand that, and offer a great solution - Improv by Chicago Improv Associates!

Too Bland? Seeing comedy created on the spot is exciting! And being part of the comedy is even more amazing! There are many ways audience members can participate in our show. They can shout out suggestions and see their ideas come to life. Specific improv scenes have the audience asking questions or filling in spaces with words and phrases. Getting audience members up on stage brings an added energy and element of fun. Of course, quiet members of the audience need not do anything if they prefer not to— they can just watch and enjoy the fun.
Too Offensive? Since the suggestions come from the audience members, they have the sense that they are “writing” the entire show, yet control is actually in the hands of the improvisers. Experienced and mature improvisers can adeptly lead the suggestions away from inappropriate content, yet still create exciting and uproarious comedy. (see the "Why CIA?" page)
Audience participation – your coworkers/friends/family are the stars!
There are also plenty of opportunities for willing audience members to get up on stage with the actors and help in the comedy. Every participant is taken care of by the improvisers so he/she feels safe and has a great time. It’s a thrill for most people to get up on stage and make people laugh, and they talk about it to friends and family for weeks, months, and even years.
Ah! Now you understand why to utilize fresh, new, exciting and hilarious Improv for your event. The question remains - why hire Chicago Improv Associates? I'm glad you asked! Click here to find out Why CIA?


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